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Our Commitment in Observance of International Fraud Awareness Week

This week is International Fraud Awareness Week! Did you know that insurance fraud costs the U.S. $308.6 billion annually?*


At Berkley Environmental, we’re committed to combatting this widespread crime that places a significant financial burden on our society. Beyond the evident impact on honest policyholders through increased premiums, insurance fraud sets off a ripple effect, affecting the overall financial health of the insured population.


We take a proactive stance against fraud at Berkley Environmental, sending a resounding message to our community. Our commitment is clear: we pay what is legally owed and meticulously investigate any red flags to identify potential fraud. Not only does this approach strengthen our integrity, but it also translates into tangible benefits for our insureds, leading to a reduction in claims costs.



*Source: The Impact of Insurance Fraud on the U.S. Economy 2022 by The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud