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The Value of Earth Day

The Value of Earth Day

What makes Earth Day so special is that it reminds us that we can make a difference, with even the smallest actions, and gives us the opportunity to act.


Over 50 years ago, Earth Day was created to bring attention to how our collective actions were affecting our environment and to make us pay attention. On April 20, 1997, about 20 million Americans joined in demonstration to push our country and Congress to create the nation’s first of many environmental laws. Since then, Earth Day has served as a celebration of our collective desire to help protect our planet.


We are kicking off our initiative “BE Active.” To us, this is an invitation to act with purpose, and one of those purposes includes to “Invest in Our Planet”, which happens to be this year’s Earth Day theme. To “BE Active” is to be an active participant in making the kinds of positive differences in our communities and the world that we’d like to see take place, on Earth Day and every day.


Even if it’s something as simple as recycling one item, or taking a short walk to the store rather than driving your car. All the little things we do throughout the year add up, and the more conscious we are of our actions, the healthier our planet will become.


In the coming weeks, our teams across the country will be participating in these types of actions. Stay tuned to see how we’re staying active and investing in our planet and communities.