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The Value of Earth Day, Every Day

The Value of Earth Day, Every Day

Earth Day serves as a great reminder that we are responsible for taking care of our planet.


In that spirit, “BE Active” is Berkley Environmental’s confirmation to always act with purpose. It inspires us to be an active participant in making positive differences in our communities and our world and is a demonstration of our corporate values that we hope has a lasting impact for everyone.

More than 1 billion people each year dedicate their time on Earth Day to help make the world a better place and our teams across the country are doing just that.


From pushing back invasive species to help bring back nearly lost habitats to joining the fight to end world hunger by volunteering at the local food bank, we aspire to make a positive difference.

“We believe there is a prosperous and sustainable future for all if we join together. With thoughtful actions, both small and large, both private and public, we can better preserve and protect our shared planet,” says Berkley Environmental Chief Operating Officer Justin Manley. “Our teammates across the country are giving back to our environment in the communities in which they live and work. We hope our efforts will inspire others to do the same.”


At our core, we work to truly take care of the planet we live in. And encourage every business and individual to do the same—on Earth Day, and every day.

Our regional offices are volunteering and taking action:

  • Chicago, IL: Ecological Stewardship at Forest Preserves of Cook County Sundown Meadow
  • Philadelphia, PA: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
  • Walnut Creek, CA: Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano
  • Boston, MA: Park Clean-Up at Boston Common
  • Irving, TX: Habitat Work Day at Trinity River Audubon Center
  • Atlanta, GA: Dunwoody Nature Center
  • Jersey City, NJ: Metuchen Bulldog Field Clean Up