Webinar: The Rising Tide of Sky-High Verdicts

Berkley Environmental Head of Sales and Distribution Katherine Strong is joined by Jerry Popovich of the defense law firm, Selman Breitman LLP. 

Popovich is the Managing Partner of the firm’s Orange County location and has gained expertise through his extensive history of trial experience (over 70 trials). He specializes in general liability, toxic torts, environmental liability, and product liability, along with several other fields.

The value of verdicts is on the rise as of late, and there seems to be a growing lack of understanding in the true worth of a million dollars. What was once confined to personal injury cases, crazy-high verdicts, can now be seen more and more in your average run-of-the-mill cases as well.

Learn more about what is happening with nuclear verdicts and the defense response to these through current case studies and a breakdown of what is influencing these high numbers.

Watch the Webinar: The Rising Tide of Sky-High Verdicts and learn everything you need to know.