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With deep roots in the environmental industry, we’ve created the Berkley Environmental blog, covering everything from informative articles covering industry nuances to our team’s environmental efforts.

Episode 6 of Insurance Pros Spilling The Tee


Curious about the evolution of insurance customer service in today’s dynamic landscape? At the heart of it all lies a fundamental shift in providing dedicated support to help customers avoid claims and effectively manage their risk.


Justin Manley, SVP Chief Operating Officer of Berkley Environmental, and Tia Gaidatzis-Ahmad, Underwriting Team Lead, share their team’s approach to service, and the passion it takes to be a true insurance partner.


Learn about how we recently provided a total account solution for a hazardous waste management services company!


Our insured provides services to both industrial and municipal clients that include hauling, removal, transportation and land application of waste water residuals and clean outs for digesters, lagoons and storage ponds.


Our Solution


Partnerships – Creating Solutions Together


In an ever-changing landscape of insurance, the collaboration between insurance carriers and brokers has become increasingly crucial. A strong alliance can unlock countless benefits, from enhanced customer service to improved market access and increased business opportunities.


Listen in as John Reid, Vice President at Quaker Special Risks – a Jencap company, and Matt Tomlinson, Regional Vice President at Berkley Environmental, discuss the benefits of a strong partnership.


Recruiting a Stellar Team


The insurance industry often gets a rap for being uninteresting, but in our latest podcast episode we talk about how it’s actually an industry full of opportunity, excitement, and how it should be approached with an open attitude.


Justin Manley, SVP Chief Operating Officer of Berkley Environmental, and Tia Giadatsis-Ahmad, Underwriting Team Lead, will explore how valuable good recruiting and an open mind can be when looking to keep the employee pipeline flowing.


Learn about how we recently provided a total account solution for an emergency response cleanup contractor!


Our insured is a Texas-based hazmat spill response and environmental services coordinator. They wanted a carrier with proven success managing auto fleets, quick turnaround times, excellent claims management, and a carrier who is rated A+


Our Solution 

BE-ing Active at the Boston Marathon

An inspiring 26.2 miles


On Monday, April 17th, Joaquin Neira, Berkley Environmental VP of Latin America, ran the Boston Marathon. This year marked the 10-year-anniversary of the bombing that occurred at the 2013 marathon. And for Joaquin, it was a true test of his own physical and mental strength.

“It took various kinds of races to learn how to embrace the suffering involved when you push your limits,” Neira explained. “I wasn’t running for a charity on this occasion but to support One Boston Day on its decade anniversary.”