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With deep roots in the environmental industry, we’ve created the Berkley Environmental blog, covering everything from informative articles covering industry nuances to our team’s environmental efforts.

Atlanta’s Earth Day: Clean up Hike at the Dunwoody Nature Center

Our Atlanta office took to the outdoors on April 27th to celebrate Earth Day in their community. With an environmentally focused objective and a good amount of teamwork, employees helped clean and beautify a section of the Dunwoody Nature Center.


"Dunwoody Nature Center’s mission is to conserve nature while educating and motivating environmental awareness and action, which made for a perfect fit for the Atlanta office Earth Day activity,” said Sales Executive Whitney Pomeroy.


Berkley Environmental Earth Day Service Project

On Saturday April 23rd, Senior Underwriter Jane Plisko, her husband Keith, and Vice President – Managed Business Kevin Troutman volunteered together with the organization Friends of Gifford Pinchot State Park to plant trees and clear trails to celebrate Earth Day.


Pitching in at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

In an effort to give back to the environment that gives so much to us, our Philadelphia office teamed up with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society on April 19th to sort and prep new trees for planting. In collaboration with the Tree Tenders program, the Berkley team took part in a watershed restoration project that is beneficial for all 1,200 acres of the Philadelphia Navy Yard.


The Value of Earth Day, Every Day

Earth Day serves as a great reminder that we are responsible for taking care of our planet.


In that spirit, “BE Active” is Berkley Environmental’s confirmation to always act with purpose. It inspires us to be an active participant in making positive differences in our communities and our world and is a demonstration of our corporate values that we hope has a lasting impact for everyone.

More than 1 billion people each year dedicate their time on Earth Day to help make the world a better place and our teams across the country are doing just that.


The Value of Earth Day

What makes Earth Day so special is that it reminds us that we can make a difference, with even the smallest actions, and gives us the opportunity to act.


Over 50 years ago, Earth Day was created to bring attention to how our collective actions were affecting our environment and to make us pay attention. On April 20, 1997, about 20 million Americans joined in demonstration to push our country and Congress to create the nation’s first of many environmental laws. Since then, Earth Day has served as a celebration of our collective desire to help protect our planet.


Nuclear Verdicts 101

If you find yourself wondering, “what even is a Nuclear Verdict anyway?” no need to worry, we’ve got you covered.


A nuclear verdict can be defined as: an exceptionally high award that surpasses what should be a reasonable or rational amount.


More often than not, a nuclear verdict will provoke an automatic and intense response of shock, far more so than your average trial outcome which could simply be summed up as unfavorable.