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With deep roots in the environmental industry, we’ve created the Berkley Environmental blog, covering everything from informative articles covering industry nuances to our team’s environmental efforts.

The Benefits of a Limited Distribution Model


In this first mini-episode of our latest series, Insurance Pros Spilling the Tee, we’re exploring the benefits of a limited distribution model.


We joined John Reid, Vice President of Quaker Special Risk Insurance – a Jencap Company, and Matt Tomlinson, Regional Vice President of Berkley Environmental, to dive into the nuances of broker-carrier relationships as well as the efficiency of a one-stop-shop model.


BE Active for a Big Impact

BE Active for a Big Impact


At Berkley Environmental, we are proud to support Earth Day and continue to invest in our planet. With our “BE Active” initiative, we promote environmental awareness and become an active participant in making positive changes in our communities that can have a lasting impact for everyone—not just on Earth Day, but every day.


Learn about how we recently provided an all-lines solution for a gas turbine company below!


Our Colorado-based insured manufactures, sells and leases waste-gas powered turbine engines to customers in the US and Canada for the generation of electricity for on or off grid applications, thereby reducing emissions. The turbines operate on a wide range of gases and varied environmental conditions.


Our Solution

Exclusively Environmental: the Berkley Environmental Podcast

What Customers and Brokers Need to Know


Our leadership team discusses the importance of building and maintaining relationships with customers and brokers. Staying connected and providing collaborative and customer-centric solutions are key passions of ours to ensure risk never gets in the way of our customers’ and brokers’ success.


What value do relationships hold for you? How does collaboration impact your relationships?

Exclusively Environmental: the Berkley Environmental Podcast

Exclusively Environmental continues its discussions with the Berkley Environmental Leadership Roundtable. In this episode we dive into how insurance companies will have to change to stay relevant in the future.


With technology changing and trends continuing towards on-demand services, environmental insurance professionals will have to become more service-oriented and differentiated in their expertise. See where environmental insurance is headed!


Boston Office Volunteers at Cradles to Crayons

“Everybody can be great—because anybody can serve.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Berkley Environmental’s BE ACTIVE initiative is our promise to always act with purpose. It inspires us to be an active participant in making positive differences in our communities that we hope has a lasting impact for everyone.